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ICT GPS Traceability

How is the idea born?

An academic beginning

AgrumSoft beguns as a scientific-technological project in 2013 on the implementation of a traceability system that allows to recognise from which plantations comes harvested coffee and under which conditions of climate and cultural management, to identify the factors that determine the quality attributes to propose the postharvest process, such as drying and roasting. This generated a broader project that led to further studies and short-term solutions considering the coffee price crisis and its social impact. Then in 2015 was co-financing by the Peruvian National Council of Science and Technology (CONCYTEC - CIENCIACTIVA Program).

Application of ICT Technology

Using an App installed in a Tablet each farmer responds to a questionnaire with geo-referencing four points in the parcel, obtaining a satellite map with information that allows to build a profile of the field and a QR code for each crop batch and products from the parcel. This process is called ICT-GPS Traceability where information is kept encrypted in the memory of the Tablet and then monthly is saved in the cloud using Wi-Fi in the city. Finally we obtain like a real-time information from coffee crops.

Application of Biological criteria

The logical matrix of the AgrumSoft App is based on four axes: 1) Genotypic: where varieties of coffee species are identified. 2) Ecosystemic: where the accompanying species and associated with coffee cultivation, such as fruit trees and forest species, are identified. 3) Environmental: Where climate changes and abiotic variables are correlated, such as temperature, humidity, rain, etc. 4) Cultural: It refers to the management of farmers such as fertilization, weed control, pest control, etc. This matrix determines the questionnaire of the App and generates a great data for the design of strategies of production and quality facilitating the adaptation to the climatic change.

About Us

Biology Team

They perform the study of the biological and agronomic aspects to understand the coffee agroecology crop and its impact on quality and value expectation

Technology Team

They carry out the software development and connecting to cloud platforms. Also initiating big data studies according to the crops needs referred by the biology team.

Field Implementation Team

Call Biocluster Team form by young coffee growers in charge of "raising" field information training the producers and accompanying the process. They also carry out monitoring and field inspections.

Biology Team

Understanding coffee

Team formed by the Biologist & Electronic Technician Jorge Gavidia from San Marcos University and the Agronomist Carolina Tasso from La Molina Agrarian University, who seek to interpret the interactions of coffee ecosystem cultivation in the highland tropical rainforest

Technology Team

Software Architecture & Development

ICT4D to Peru rural communities using StartUp concept in the company division form by (from Left to right): Fahed Hermoza, Vladimir Ascue, Carlos Borda and Jhon Choquenaira all from Cusco university San Antonio Abad, Faculty of Software Development Engineer.

Field Implementation Team

Team call Biocluster, working close to farmers!

Accompaniment equipment and field monitoring conformed by (from left to right): José Atalaya, Itnan Oscco, Agronomist from Daniel Alcides Carrion University, Erika Bautista, Accounting, Jhersy Abeja, Agronomist Technician and Leo Sandioma, Software Development Engineer.

AgrumSoft App

Mobile App installed in Tablet for coffee growers

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